Setting Your Content Strategy With David Baker: Free DesignCast

david c baker, recourses, nashville business consultantIf you don’t have a content strategy for your website or social media activities, they won’t give you much bang for your buck (or your time). Creative business consultant David Baker explains the basics of content strategy in a free webinar tomorrow. Here’s a bit of what he’ll be talking about:

What exactly is a content strategy?

Content strategy is the method you will use as a firm to switch your marketing from push to pull, demonstrating your expertise BEFORE someone has hired you. The idea is that you give away something very valuable, but in exchange you can charge a lot of money to APPLY it to their situation.

Why is it important to have a strong content strategy?

Because the world has been Googlized. Now, every one has this expectation that they can find anything they want in less than 1 minute. They can find precisely the right advisor. That means that expertise can no longer be wide but must be deep. Without a content strategy you cannot have that.

If a small business owner commits to doing social media really well, what kinds of results can they expect?

Social media is just a very small part of a content strategy, and frankly it’s the new kid on the block so it’s received traction. But it’s also diluted real content development in that very noteworthy thoughts can be stated in 140 characters. Social media is just one of many ways to get noticed, to use as a publishing platform (e.g., blog), and to personalize your content a bit with some interaction.

For a more in-depth explanation of this crucial business topic, don’t miss David Baker’s free DesignCastSetting Your Content Strategy happening 2-3 p.m. Eastern time (11 a.m.-noon Pacific time), Wednesday, March 28 — that’s tomorrow, folks!

David will lead a conversation on setting a content strategy for your small business that can generate leads and raise awareness of your business among your prospects. You may have tactical support from staff, but consider how you’d like to be perceived in the market and start shaping that message as a team. It’s about curation, participation, dissemination, and choosing the right social media platforms for your audiences.

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This post originally appeared on the HOW blog.