Site of the Day:

David Hellman portfolio site homepage

Writing about a website each day, I find myself focusing on the minutiae—otherwise, I’d be talking about texture, responsive design and cool typography every day. So when I happened upon this site, I noticed something rather odd that made me want to feature it here—a very fine detail that you may not have even noticed.

When you land on the site, you get that it’s an individual’s portfolio, thanks to the images of work combined with the illustrated headshot. Typically on a portfolio site, the next most prominent visual element is the designer’s name. Here, however, in the place of a typical personal logo, you find three key words: “design & development.” This simple phrase immediately put the designer’s work into a clear context. This, combined with the beautiful style, makes the site memorable—and it makes me seek out the individual’s name (which isn’t hard to find). I love the messaging of this site; it’s spot-on and bucks the tide ever so subtly.

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