Site of the Day: website homepage

You might think that adding a custom map to a site would be easy—in reality, it’s an epic pain the butt. A nice solution to this Is MapBox, today’s Site of the Day. But we’re not interested in the product’s functionality here; instead I prefer to highlight the aesthetics of their website design. So what can we say about this site? Sure, it’s gorgeous and well designed, but it doesn’t stand out as some extraordinary example of mind-boggling design. Instead, it’s super appropriate to the audience. Implementing maps on a website is a notoriously technical endeavor. This tool makes it crazy easy. So this site is rather designer-centric; it’s intentionally non-technical in the way it looks and feels. The site simply makes the product easy to use. And with that, they’ve made a huge step toward connecting with their intended audience. I love the clear and powerful thinking behind this otherwise unassuming site.