Site of the Day:

Publishing Game homepage

This is a site (for mobile/social developers Game Insight) that I love—and hate. And for what it’s worth, my gripe is small compared to my praise. But first, let’s gush over what there is to love. First, the illustrated style is fantastic. This approach often works because the results can be unique and memorable; this site doesn’t look like a million others. Second, I appreciate the story-telling approach. It keeps me engaged and entices me to keep reading when I would normally have already moved on. I keep scrolling and keep reading. I can’t help it.

My one objection is rather simple. The site is essentially one long page, and it loads with your view set to the middle of the narrative—from here, you can scroll either up or down to read a story about what happens when you work with Game Insight to develop your game (or don’t). At first, I didn’t realize this. I just scrolled down. I eventually figured out what had happened and I scrolled back up. But then I skipped to the very top using the scroll bar and messed up the whole story-telling approach. I suspect that there was a lack of user testing. I consider myself rather web savvy, though perhaps I’m just so accustomed to the scrolling function commonly works. Either way, the creative approach has its up and downs. What do you think?