Site of the Day: subscription service homepage offers a unique service—and a bit of finesse is required of the website to ensure visitors “get it” before they abandon ship. Typically, a company like Quarterly makes a bold, declarative statement on its website to describe what it does, and that would have been an option here. Instead, Quarterly makes first-time visitors do a tad more work, but with a greater payout.

The most prominent element on the homepage is the “how it works” block near the top. When I landed on this site, its visual quality immediately captured my interest. From there, I gravitated to this simple introductory graphic, which effectively sums up the service, but provides a bit of extra detail and enticement—more than the typical five-word jumbo-sized sales pitch might. (Return visitors can click “Oh, I got it” to make the intro panel disappear.) I love the way this service draws you in and makes you really want to sign up. Check it out; you might be captivated enough to subscribe to Quarterly.