Site of the Day:

Fieldtrip Australian creative conference website homepage

When you review as many website designs as I do, you can’t help but find common threads. On the heels of yesterday’s Site of the Day, which used a minimalist landing page to lure visitors into deeper content, here’s another really compelling landing page. This website offers no idea what the product is and gives you no reason to bother reading any further. And yet …

Of course, this approach is a huge gamble on the designers’ part. The site promotes a creative conference in Australia, so its audience is visually and technically sophisticated. They’ll know to scroll down the page, where they’ll find a simple animated graphic (of old-school design tools—brilliant) and information about the event. But at the end of the day, the strong typography and the little snippet of the illustration present the only hook to pull you in. As you might suspect, I love it: the carefully crafted typography, color and texture is just enough to make me curious. Without user testing or conversion data, it’s hard to determine if this approach works, but it’s certainly conceptually interesting.

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