Site of the Day:

Walkabout NYC website homepage

This website to promote an event for creative professionals in New York City demonstrates a pattern that has become incredibly popular: It’s centered. Everything revolves around a central axis. For so long, it was the norm among many web designers to give their sites a strong vertical focus—which is odd, given that desktop monitors are bigger and wider than ever. (That approach leaves a lot of that stuff clients hate and designers love: white space.) Conceptually, though, I’m digging the new centered design approach. It creates a flow for the content that guides users through step by step. As a designer, you should love this approach, as it allows you to craft a narrative through the design. But there’s a much more fundamental reason why centering a web design makes sense: We know it as responsive design. A single, center-aligned column of content is exponentially easier to adapt for various screen sizes. (And when you visit the site, check out the charming little animated illustrations sprinkled throughout.)

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