Smart Magnet Puts Pizza At Your Fingertips

First there was the Taco-Copter: an air assault on your appetite akin to Apocalypse Now, (except deadlier if you get the hot sauce). Now there’s a safe, fast way to get the No. 1 delivery food—pizza—without involving the FAA. Ordering pizza is as easy as pie with a refrigerator magnet that lets you order your favorite pizza at the press of a button.

push button pizza magnet

The VIP fridge magnet (that’s Very Important Pizza, according to the owners) is a creation of Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza. The smart magnet works using a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone: Set it up and sync it, and the magnet is ready to take your order.

Luckily, Red Tomato Pizza’s little gadget has a measure in place to stop hundreds of dollars of unwanted pizzas turning up at your door. Every time you press the button, you are sent a text message to confirm the order; you can reply to the message if you need to cancel or modify it. Then you just sit back and wait for that cheesy goodness to arrive at your door.

The magnet is set up to order just one type of pizza by default, but you can update preference at any time on the company’s website or via text. What’s next for high-tech food delivery… a sub sandwich delivered by submarine, shot into your house by Polaris missile? Flowers delivered by armored vehicle when you need to say “tank you”?