Groundbreaking Interactive Project by The Uprising Creative


Brian Schopfel and Benjamin Miles of The Uprising Creative, an integrated creative company with offices in LA, Chicago, Nashville and London, have recently developed a cutting-edge interactive project called Strangers Linguistic Remix Generator for Modest Mouse‘s new album.

With this album release being the band’s first in eight years, it seems only fitting that the musicians back into the scene with a bang—and TUC seems to have been the perfect collaborator to help them do so, for the firm is always looking for ways to extend its reach in many areas including video production, design and, of course, interactive development.


Introductory video by TUC: Modest Mouse X TUC – Linguistic Remix Generator from TUC Chicago.
Key technologies for this project include Node.js, Ampersand.js, Timbre.js, Hello.js and Sentiment.js.

The Uprising Creative’s Audiovisual Experience

When a user visits the website and puts a word or phrase into the “Strangers Linguistic Remix Generator,” the word is then converted into a remix based on samples from Modest Mouse’s new album “Strangers To Ourselves” as well as earlier releases. Combined with imagery from the new album, the user is treated to a custom audiovisual experience that they can then save and share with others.

As explained on the official site, the project’s algorithm to generate stems and patterns to match letter-based data and also to take the sentiment of the text into account. The project’s algorithm compares common letter frequency data and generates stems and patterns to match, while also taking into account the sentiment of the user-submitted text and setting each remix’s beats per minute accordingly. Try it out for yourself here.


“On a broad stroke the concept seems pretty simple, but when you dive in, it’s actually quite a complex undertaking,” Miles says. “Honestly we were a little uncertain how an algorithm remix tool would sound, specifically one that didn’t alter the stems themselves, but even in our early tests we found the results to be fun and interesting.”

Miles notes that a primary obstacle was determining how they would connect each pattern in order to produce a song that sounds as if it’s progressing.

“In the end, we decided to have phrases build up to three loops, then stitch those loops together in a A-B-A-B-C-B pattern to illustrate a verse, a chorus, and a bridge,” he says.

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The team faced one other primary challenge: the visualizer. “We wanted it to have a sort of fragmented feel to illustrate the idea of ‘Strangers to Ourselves,'” Miles says. “It needed to be chaotic yet trippy enough to get lost in without giving you a headache.”

Other collaborators on the project included project manager Cat Chiang and developers Ron Gierlach and Keith Hoffmann.



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