This Week in Web Design: Prepping Files for a Developer [VIDEO]

This Week in Web Design is hosted by HOW Interactive Design Conference board member and speaker Jose Caballer.

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Jose and his colleagues are hard at work making some updates to TWIWD, so this week, we’ll highlight an episode from November, where Jose and his co-host, Aure Gimon, talk about how web designers should prepare files to hand over to a developer. They’ll take you behind the scenes as they build a new version of the This Week in Network website, and they’ll show you how they’re preparing their working Photoshop files to hand over to WordPress developer Josh Vickers. It’s a great look at the intersection between web design and development. (Pro tip: Don’t deliver a messy InDesign file that the developer will have to convert to Photoshop.)

Check out the video for more information on preparing files for web development: