Timelapse Videos of Websites: Easier Than You Think

Want to show how a website evolved? (Or how it devolved, if you’re feeling cheeky.) Digital Inspiration has an explanation of how to create a timelapse video here. The Washington Post has a timelapse of the Japan earthquake Wikipedia page, and Mark S. Luckie explained how he made the video at 10,000 Words. Here are some more notable timelapse videos:

NYTimes.com homepage timelapse: Grabs of the homepage from from September 2010 to July 2011.

37signals.com’s homepage evolution: It’s interesting to note they did gobs of small changes and not very many total site rebuilds.

The Google homepage goes back in time: Ignore the overly dramatic music. This shows Google.com from 2007 back to 1998 in under 4 minutes.

With some clever script, I imagine you could make a timelapse video of just about any homepage using WaybackMachine. Here’s HOWdesign.com as of 1996. (Don’t judge.)