Coming in 2012: Touchscreens You Can Feel?

Wired UK’s 25 Big Ideas for 2012 includes the idea that screens you can really feel will be a big thing this year:

“It’s a human instinct to feel, and the touchscreen is lacking that,” says Ville Mäkinen, CEO of Senseg, a Finnish startup that creates haptic screens. Its technology sparks opposing charges between screen and finger, pulling the digit towards the screen. By modulating that force, Senseg can replicate, albeit faintly for now, the sensation of touching different surfaces and materials.

See the craziness in action in this CNET video:

They mention automotive touch screens and games as areas where this technology would be a boon. What if Senseg’s “Tixels” made it possible to make touchscreen tablets accessible for the blind? This could be a game-changer.