Transitioning Designers from Print to Interactive

Good design is a currency, and interactive design has become a necessity. The task of finding someone who can do both, however, hovers near the impossible. Bluecadet is an interactive studio that’s known for its design prowess and, as founder Josh Goldblum will discuss in this DesignCast, it relies on its employees’ skills in designing for both print and interactive. Learn how Bluecadet transitions and leads its workforce from skilled print designers to interactive design gurus in the design tutorial Making Web Designers, happening live Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Bluecadet seeks a number of attributes when we’re hiring a designer. They look for versatility, obsessive attention to detail, and the ability to organize complex information. They look for careful use of color, typography and grids. They want to see a smart concept parsed through multiple revisions. A designer should be able to explain and defend the decisions behind their design, so they look for good communicators as well.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • What it takes for a graphic designer to go interactive
  • The process of training interactive designers who have a background in print
  • The common challenges managers face
  • Why “double threat” designers are worth their weight in gold

Who should sign up:

  • Managers of graphic design teams
  • Designers making the move to the web
  • Leaders training interactive designers

“Once we have our rockstars, we want to hold on to them. To do that, it’s important to recognize and reward their personal development. As they develop new skills, we make sure their salaries reflect the growth. (We don’t keep salary reviews to a rigid schedule, because their learning doesn’t adhere to one, either.) We know our designers become more valuable and increasingly attractive to other firms as they learn more. Even if we weren’t putting so much energy into building our staff, I believe it’s still better to keep talented workers well compensated than have to start anew.” – Josh Goldblum, Bluecadet

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