Turning Adobe Creative Cloud into Your Productivity Hub

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by Brian Miller

As a member of an innovative creative team, you’re constantly looking for new ways to improve the way your team works in order to reduce manual tasks, speed up your processes, and provide your team with more time and better resources.

Simply just assembling more and more productivity apps often adds clutter and increases confusion as designers are required to jump back and forth between apps to find assets, look up job specs, log time and other costs, collaborate with stakeholders, etc.

By using a tool like Workgroups DaVinci that aggregates and automates these tasks and that can be accessed directly from within the Adobe tools you use every day, your team can move at a much higher speed and out-innovate the competition.


Everything You Need in One Place

Projects, deadlines, collaboration, brand standards, files, approvals, budgets, vendors…. oh my! A creative team has so much to juggle within the course of a single day. With siloed tools, it’s easy to get sidetracked from what really matters: Creating the most innovative and compelling designs that resonate with your audience.

By adding a comprehensive productivity tool as a plugin to the Adobe Creative Cloud, the juggling act is simplified by creating a centralized hub to connect you with the people, projects, files and tracking you need at the exact moment you need them.

Here are just a few of the benefits a hub will provide your team with.

Get Inspiration from Prior Success

When attempting to overcome a creative block, often the best recipe to stir up new ideas is to revisit concepts that have worked in the past. By having a production digital asset management system that automatically ties project and performance metadata to assets, you can quickly access the campaigns that have previously connected with your customers well.

You don’t have to sift through multiple network file servers and cloud databases to find the information you need. With a DAM system that aggregates files and is accessible through the Adobe Creative Cloud, the inspiration you need is only seconds away!

Focused Collaboration That Leads to Results

As you may know, online collaboration is more efficient outside of the inbox. Project discussions are best kept in a workroom where designers can explore new ideas, share files and get quick clarifications to project questions that pop up. Having access to discussion boards through a link in the Adobe Suite makes collaboration convenient and useful, rather than another distraction to the creative cycle.


Manage projects with plugins to Adobe Creative Cloud

Jump-Start the Proofing and Approval Process

Online proofing and approval management is an important part of any creative productivity system. Submit your designs into a predefined approval workflow, complete with online proofing and real-time collaboration capabilities with a single click from within the Creative Cloud.

When selecting a productivity system with integrated proofing and workflow capabilities, beware that all systems are not equal. Many proofing solutions have created iPad/iPhone apps or even worse, Flash or Java implementations, ignoring the 51.5% of mobile users on Android devices.

Having an HTML5-based online proofing tool is an absolute must have.

By leveraging the Adobe Creative Cloud as a hub for design, productivity and workflow, your team will move at a faster pace, inspire new ideas, effectively work with teammates and stakeholders, and quickly move designs through the approval process. It’s always a good idea to take a closer look at how your team operates to see if there are areas where you could improve efficiency and ultimately have more time to be creative.

Brian Miller is the Director of Internet Marketing at MetaCommunications, a leading developer of project workflow solutions for creative and marketing teams.

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