Design Job: UI Designer at Hudl

Are you a die-hard sports fan? AND an experienced interactive designer? Then you’ll want to jump on this job opening: Hudl, developer of software that lets coaches analyze data, review video and create strategies to help their teams win, is looking for a User Interface Designer for its staff in Lincoln, NE. Click through to learn more and apply:

Do you love sports? Good. Because for you, there isn’t a better UI job on the planet. Hudl helps teams connect around the video and data they need to win with simple online tools. Coaches and athletes love us because we make analyzing video online so damn easy.

First things first. This job is NOT:

  • A pure graphic design role. Feel free to impress us with your visual design talent but realize that’s not all you’ll be doing.
  • A pure coding/development role. You should be familiar with web technologies but you’ll be working right alongside amazing dev talent. No “throwing it over the wall” at our office.


  • Love seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and building an interface that fits their mental model of the world.
  • Are anxious to work on a variety of platforms and products (iPad, iPhone, Android, web app, thick-client desktop, etc.)
  • Can tell the story of a product or service with sharp copy and crisp imagery.
  • Sketch out your ideas on paper before you dive into your prototyping tool of choice (Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML & CSS)
  • Know which details matter and how to push back and say “no.”
  • Communicate your designs with developers and managers using the appropriate media and fidelity.
  • Think that copywriting is crucial to building a great UI.
  • Can’t wait to see real people use your designs in usability studies—even if it makes you grit your teeth.


  • Believe culture matters more than anything else.
  • Are 20-something nerds, designers, marketers and former jocks who love sports and tech.
  • Have a profitable, kick-ass product that is changing coaches’ and athletes’ lives.
  • Are as passionate about winning as the coaches we serve.
  • Need your help to anchor one of our small, Agile teams that include a designer, two developers, a QA lead, and a project manager.
  • Promise you’ll love coming to work every day.

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