Job: UI Designer/Front-end Developer at UMich

The University of Michigan-Flint seeks a UI Designer/Front-end Developer:

We are seeking someone who is passionate about design and front-end development. Someone who can write meaningful HTML/CSS and continues to expand their knowledge in those areas. This person should be constantly learning and interacting with the web community and staying on the cutting edge of web technologies with a good understanding of usability and accessibility practices. In addition, a fairly strong understanding of the javascript framework jQuery, and understand how to write javascript without a library if the duty calls. 

The job duties will vary from such things as text and link changes, to modifying current systems, and creating/designing new systems. This person should be able to collaborate with the marketing team to evolve new ideas and to champion sustainable solutions to problems. The ideal person should have experience with WordPress and other content management systems. Experience with PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, or any MVC web framework is a huge plus.

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