Web Design Classes Starting Soon at HOW U

how to build a wordpress web site, web designStarting this Monday, May 28, HOW Design University‘s got a new session of the course 28 Days to Your First WordPress Site. WordPress expert Jesse Friedman teaches this class that will help you get your first WordPress site up and running in less than a month.

And on Monday, June 4, are three more web design classes starting:

  • Principles of Web Design: This class with Patrick McNeil is for absolute beginners. You’ll learn the basics of the web and get a foundation for working in web design.
  • Principles of Information Architecture: Brian Miller’s class on info arch gets into how to plan and lay out site maps and how to think about website usability.
  • Principles of HTML, CSS and JavaScript: If you’re just starting to code, Patrick McNeil will help you ease into learning HTML, CSS and Javascript, the essential building blocks for the web.

These four-week online courses cost $199 normally, but they’re $179 for Design Insiders!