Web Design Experts’ New Year’s Resolutions

Luggage tag-styled 2012 calendar by girlingearstudio on Etsy

We asked some of our favorite web design experts what their New Year’s resolutions are. Some of them have very career-focused plans for 2012—others are more lighthearted. Have you got big plans for the new year? Write your resolution in the comments!

Christopher Butler: My working list at the moment is, in order of priority: slow down, worry less, say “no” more often, read more books and fewer blogs, and eat better lunches.

Karen McGrane: I am going to launch a new website. I am going to launch a new website. I am going to launch a new website. I am going to launch a new website. For as hard as this is, you’d think I didn’t do it for a living.


Steve FisherMy resolution is to fight to always start with the Why of everything I’m doing. To bring that fuzzy item into clarity so I know the essence of everything I am doing. Another resolution is to view everything with optimism. To see a bright future and help create it!

Patrick McNeil: My resolution is to stick to my beliefs and work to make my actions match my core beliefs. It’s all too easy to find yourself doing things that don’t matter to you but you fell into for one reason or another.

Jose Caballer: My resolution for 2012 is to stop making excuses, stop the addiction to “client services,” start practicing what I preach—that designers will rule the future and that we should be creating our own products and building our own companies vs. servicing the legacy of the 20th-century masters that subjugate us. To truly focus on what makes me happy and pursue my passion for education and the liberation of the creative masses worldwide by creating a global movement to inspire and educate a new generation though Groop Skool. My resolution is revolution.

David Sherwin: Next year, I’m going to devote more time to being less addicted to design. In the midst of being immersed in many exciting projects, I have to remind myself that while being a designer can have an immense impact on other people’s quality of life, I have to actively cultivate my own growth and those of my loved ones in ways that my designerly skills may not contribute.

Mark O’Brien: In 2012 I will keep pushing on this Newfangled flywheel that’s really found its rhythm in the past few years. I will make a priority of thoroughly enjoying the last moments of my little boy still being one. I will prioritize deepening existing client relationships over pursuing new ones. I will continue to push on the positive trends I was fortunate enough to discover in 2011.

Josh Goldblum: On the work side: to engage fully and deeply in the projects we most believe in, to overdeliver on a few projects that are way over our collective heads, and to pass on projects that just aren’t a great fit for us. Also would like to brush Judah’s teeth more regularly and, certainly, before clients are coming into the office. (Judah is my dog.)

Jesse Friedman: My resolutions are to be more empathetic in everything I do, say and am. I also want to contribute to WordPress core and write a book. I’m also committing to “trimming the fat” in my work (less fluff, more quality).

Chris Converse: My resolution is to make my personal and company websites’ design responsive and flash-less… like we do for our clients. This year, the cobbler’s children will get shoes!

Brian Miller: Not to send an email when a phone call is needed.

Matthew Richmond: My resolution is to heed the same advice that we give to our clients and students and be better about sharing the solid work thats been coming out of the studio. Update the portfolio, post more resources, tips and tricks that will help designers/developers to make good things. And get more sleep… heh.

If your resolution for 2012 is to finally make headway in learning web design, check out our new four-week Principles of Web Design online workshop at HOW U starting Jan. 2, and our DesignCast series Web Design for Beginners, also coming in January.