Web Design for Beginners: Working on the Web Recap

learn web designPatrick McNeil wrapped up his Web Design for Beginners series of DesignCasts today with a session focusing on the benefits of learning to code, and how to build good relationships with a development team.

More and more, designers are expected to have basic coding knowledge. If you know how your design will come to life on the web, and you can plan for and prepare your designs accordingly, you have the greatest chance of preserving the integrity of those designs once you hand them off to a developer. 

Patrick’s top five things to keep in mind when working with a development team are:

  1. Be organized.
  2. Be finished with your work.
  3. Don’t disappear.
  4. Use a grid system.
  5. Be on time.

Patrick has two courses created with a designer’s needs in mind starting Monday, April 16, at HOW Design University: Coding for Designers: HTML and CSS and Coding for Designers: JavaScript and jQuery. The course on learning HTML and CSS is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning how to code.