MyOwnCorks: Creative Web Trends that Work

Being obsessed with trends, I can’t help but notice this particular gem of a site for many reasons. What I really love is that it taps into several web design trends and adds a twist. And all of these little twists aren’t just to allow the designer to express their creativity.

My Own Corks website homepage

On the contrary, these refinements enhance the design and present a powerful, unique message. For starters, this is a standard “Coming Soon” page, yet it is full enough that you don’t feel like it was an afterthought. Another nice example is the mobile device in the top corner with a repeat of the app’s purpose (which allows users to rate, track and share wines they’ve enjoyed). This not only tells us what the product does, but where. Finally, it uses strong solid colors, perfectly fitting into the flat design style that is all the rage. Yet, it uses colors that match the topic, and not the ever-popular grayscale color palette. Being trendy can work, if you put the trends to work for you.

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