Web Trends: Inviting a “Nice to Meet You” Approach in Portfolio Design

I have begun work on my next book project which will have a large section dedicated to trends and patterns in portfolio site design. As you can imagine, the topic is heavy on my mind, so I figured I would share a tiny glimpse into one popular pattern.

With this in mind, I’m featuring three sites for today’s site-of-the-day. The pattern here is what I like to call the “nice to meet you” approach. All three of these designs feature prominent introductions that clearly call out what the individual does and who they are. And thanks to the supporting photography and overall layout, you get a glimpse into the individual’s personal style. These super simple sites are a joy to browse and I can’t escape the feeling of being a bit voyeuristic. It feels like a glimpse into the person behind the site. The content isn’t overly intimate, but the messaging and designs feel quite personal. These inviting designs give the sites a seemingly authentic quality–a warm welcome in the vast world of portfolio websites.







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