Welcome to HOWID!

So you’ve found us! HOW Interactive Design is a new venture from HOW for graphic designers who work on the web. In the same way HOW magazine is the authority on the business of graphic design, HOWID hopes to be the authority for interactive designers.

The content director of the site is Patrick McNeil, a web developer, frequent HOW Conference speaker and the author of the Web Designer’s Idea Book series. As for me, I’m the executive editor for the site and a longtime HOW fan (I was an intern at the magazine ages ago). I’m the author of Crafty Superstar, a business guide for part-time crafters, and I run an indie craft show here in Cincinnati.

Here on the site, our resources and in-depth articles are divided into three main categories: Inspiration, Technology and Designing. This isn’t a site where you’ll find repositories of HTML code or downloadable CSS libraries (there are plenty of websites that do this better than we ever could). Then we’ve got our Jobs of the Day and Sites of the Day—handpicked by us to help you.

The Push blog is an area where Patrick and I will be posting breaking interactive design news, fun web design resources and other links, thoughts and whatever catches our eyes.

Of course, the first HOW Interactive Design Conference is coming this November—and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Check out the conference details here (and FYI, if you register by Sept. 1, you get the early bird discount). I hope you’ll join us!