Wishlist: Mental Notes Cards

When you’re working on a project, it can be easy to forget the big picture: like, that humans will be using what you make. To help combat this, Stephen P. Anderson created a card deck called Mental Notes ($45) that put major psychological concepts at your fingertips for easy brainstorming. Take a sneak peek at the cards here. He says: 

This project began—like many things—as a way to make sense of something complex: the numerous insights into human behavior found in theories about game mechanics, the latest findings from neuroscience, best sellers explaining behavioral economics and many more sources! As a designer, I found myself thinking more frequently about how some of this psychology might be applied to my client work. But as you probably know, in the midst of a busy project it’s all too easy to focus on the essentials and forget the nuances that distinguish great products. Mental Notes are how I’ve decided to collect these insights together in an easy reference tool. Of course, this personal project quickly grew into something I wanted to share with others.

mental notes brainstorming cards

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