Wistia: A Clever Website Design with Gravity Effects

Wistia website homepage

In my years of reviewing website designs, I’ve seen a variety of plugins for adding gravity to a site—you know, to make graphic elements fall from the top of the page to the bottom. Typically, the demos for these “gravity” plugins show things falling apart. (Case in point: I ran across this plugin the other day.) Most often this sort of thing is cool in an “Oh that’s neat-o” kind of way, but seldom do I see a use for it. I’m not sure whether the designers/developers behind the website for video provider Wistia used a gravity plugin. Rather, they might have created an animation that happens when the home page loads. But the simple effect of dropping colored boxes to the bottom of the screen snapped me to attention. It’s different, unexpected—and on the web, different and unexpected produce powerful results.

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