How to Woo: An Illustrated, Interactive Mock Dating Guide

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Scrawl Magazine has released the endlessly charming How to Woo, an animated digital handbook that outlines to the do’s and don’ts of dating. Featuring humorous and touching illustrations, the digital handbook provides interactive, amusing anecdotes for both the sentimental and the cynical alike.

“We are excited to bring ‘How to Woo’ to the App Store in time for Valentine’s Day,” said Michael Golan, designer and co-founder of Scrawl. “Valentine’s Day is not just about sweet chocolates and pretty roses, it is also about love letters that were lost in the mail, awkward dates and much more. Our 7th issue is an ode to these sweet and sour sentiments, in the form of a mock ‘helpful’ handbook.”

To access How to Woo, download the Scrawl app. In the meantime, check out some of the fun illustrations from the digital handbook:

How to Woo: The Design Process


“You can’t go wrong with flowers” by Jessica HJ. Lee

The “How to Woo” mock guide features 17 works by 16 illustrators. Animator Jessica HJ. Lee, one of the artists who contributed to the mock guide, designed an adorable story about a monster’s chance meeting with a small creature. The monster follows the worried, small creature with the intention of handing the small creature a flower. However, the monster’s persistence concerns the small creature, who is oblivious to the monster’s good nature. Once the monster presents the flowers to the small creature, the nervousness and fear fades away and the newly enamored couple wanders through the jungle together.

After she was contacted by Scrawl about the design, Lee brainstormed a variety of ideas before she landed on the monster and small creature.

“I enjoy creating characters and telling the story through them,” Lee said. “I always wanted to draw a misunderstood monster/big guy type of character, so I created the artwork based on the character.”

Scrawl gave the illustrators flexibility to come up with ideas and to create each illustrated journey. According to Lee, “they gave illustrators a lot of creative freedom, and we had many options on how illustration could be animated, which was exciting.” The magazine offered guidance in interactivity and direction in the initial planning stage when artists sent in their ideas.

One of the more sentimental pieces is an endearing animation about writing a love letter. Viewers watch an airplane-folded love letter whimsically fly through the city to the admirer’s sweetheart by tapping their mobile screen to advance the story.


“Write a love letter” by Michael Arnold

On the more comical/cynical side, designer Liran Raviv illustrated a man with multiple tattoos of previous flings, some with a line drawn through symbolizing that their relationship fizzled out.

"Tatto the name of your soul mate" by: Liran Raviv

“Tattoo the name of your soul mate” by Liran Raviv

Award winning Scrawl Magazine started as an interactive showcase for digital illustrators and comic artists. The objective was to show traditional illustration and comics in an untraditional way. The app includes several fun interactive features, such as tapping the screen to control the way the story unfolds and shaking your mobile device to reveal images. Scrawl Magazine’s interactive story-telling features were created using digital publishing tools on the Mag+ platform.

“How to Woo is a fantastic representation of how a graphic novel can make use of the unique features of iPads and other iOS devices to create excellent experiences for readers,” said Mike Haney, Chief Creative Officer of Mag+. “By using all of the features of the Mag+ platform, these artists can really take interactivity to the next level. The digital features help tell their story in a way that you could never see in a printed magazine.”

“How to Woo” is available in app stores today. Check it out for heartwarming, funny and entertaining Valentine illustrations with your boo, your cat or with a fellow anti-Valentine’s Day cynic.

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