Website Design Ideas: Texture, 3-D and Mixed Type

What’s the best website design? That depends on your audience. In Patrick McNeil’s, The Web Designer’s Handbook Volume 3, he provides over 600 good website design examples, but even the best website design ideas should be implemented only if they fit within product objectives. We’ve excerpted a few pages that focus on website design and development: Texture, Three-Dimensional and Mixed Type. Good website design elements have impact, says McNeil, and even the best website design examples may not fulfill site objectives.

This FREE download – Website Design Ideas: Texture, 3-D and Mixed Type – provides a glimpse into the best corporate website design as well as the best ecommerce website design, both fulfilling different objectives and requiring unique website development and design. Top website design is a process that is ongoing. These three design elements are just a few examples of great website design. The key is to what makes a good website design lies exclusively on stated objectives. There is not shortage of website design ideas so stay focused, not all elements make sense.

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What makes a good website design? The best website design not only engages the visitor, it keeps their interest. The best way to design a website, your website, begins and ends with your audience. Keep them in mind during the entire website development and design process. This free download – Website Design Ideas: Texture, 3-D and Mixed Type – offers three good website design examples. We promise you will be inspired and ready to continue building and designing your site.

McNeil uses numerous examples of great website design, which helps in visualizing how it will be implemented within your site. Stay focused on the website design and development process and success is yours!

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Best Website Design Ideas #1: Texture

Texture is perhaps the beginning or good website design. It can be used to unify a site through color and tone. It might also incorporate patterns and typography that sets the overall website design and development. It can be bold or subdued. The best website design makes texture a component, not the focus. There are over 10 examples of top website design in this download excerpt.

Great Website Design Ideas #2: Three-Dimensional

Three-dimensional design is a great way to capture the viewer’s attention. The best corporate website design typically includes 3-D imaging as a way to elevate brands. Many businesses find the best way to design a site is by giving prominent products depth and a degree of implied connection – as if the product can be snatched directly from the screen. McNeil offers 10 examples of how three-dimensional images are being used. The best ecommerce website design often uses this technique as well.

Top Website Design Ideas #3: Mixed-Type

The best website design incorporates the critical element of typography. McNeil sees typography as critical to the overall website design. Type is a visual form of conversation that can set the tone and impression of any site. Using mixed-type and not only help to balance a page, it can dramatically get a point across and set the standard for content of engagement.

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