Winter 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards: Business-to-Business

The HOW In-House Design Awards recognizes the very best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations.

Outstanding Achievement Winner

MOO Business Cards


Company/Organization MOO Print Ltd., London; | Creative Team Millie Davies, Tara Bouley, Lisa Campana, Leona Ford, Brendan Stephens

Merit Winners

1. Our No Excuses Commitment: Coyote 2017 Brand Brochure



Company/Organization Coyote Logistics, Chicago; | Creative Team Jodi Navta, Luke Previs, Erin Peddle, Allana Mortell | Details The objective was to create a unique piece of collateral that fully illustrates Coyote Logistics’ commitment to do the right thing every time—for their shippers, carriers, communities, environment and each other.

2. Path to Mars


Company/Organization The Boeing Company, Defense, Space and Security, Tukwila, WA; |
Creative Team Laurie Schiada-Smith, Clayton Chu, Tony Ly, Laurie Starkey, Paul Pinner, Ellen Rayme | Details This integrated campaign shows the world how Boeing’s rich aerospace heritage, unrivaled innovations and key partnership with NASA will send the first humans safely to Mars and back. The challenge here was formidable: How could they provide the specifics of what is possible when the future is still being imagined?

3. Tougher than the Jobsite


Company/Organization Surface Shields, Orland Park, IL; | Creative Team Seth Geiss, Dustin McNichols, Mandave Saini, Zachary Scott | Details The objective of this brand refresh was to honor the men and women who “bust their back” day after day, letting them know they truly matter most. It generated a significant 29% increase in online product requests from contractors.

4. Perfectly Prepared Meetings Recipe Cards


Company/Organization Visit Newport Beach Inc., Newport Beach, CA; | Creative Team Jane Dryden, Michelle Devine, Michelle Donahue, Erin Stapley, Jennifer Brannon | Details The Group Sales Team created a collection of recipe cards as a gift to clients after a hosted cooking class. The reverse sides of the cards feature each of the seven properties in the Newport Beach hotel collection, with info tailored to a meeting planner’s key interests.

5. Beck’s 2017 Product and Program Guide


Company/Organization Beck’s Hybrids, Atlanta, IN; | Creative Team Shawn Smith, Spencer Martin, Joel Stein, Jenna Noah, Zac Haske, Zach Ide, Mackenzie Symmes | Details The team created a hand-carved, multi-layered sculptured plate to emboss the front and back covers of Beck’s Product and Program Guide with knolled items, which were then revealed in full color on the inside page.

6. Innovation That Matters

Company/Organization ADTRAN, Huntsville, AL; | Creative Team Shane Young, Deer Run Media | Details Advancing human progress is often more than technological—it’s also about creating improved economic, environmental, workplace and cultural values that help transform the way people live, work and play. From developing automated technologies to helping rebuild blighted urban economies, ADTRAN applies curiosity, creativity and a values-centric approach to everything they do.

7. Living Office Magazine


Company/Organization Herman Miller, Zeeland, MI; | Creative Team Sam Grawe, Greg Parsons, Joseph White, Emily CM Anderson, Sofia Svensson-Huang, Mindy Koschmann | Details With a mix of photography, illustration and storytelling, Living Office magazine synthesizes ideas from thought leaders across the organization, and acts as an advocate for offices where people have everything they need to be creative, collaborative and inspired to do their best.

8. MOO Gold Booth



Company/Organization MOO Print Ltd., London; | Creative Team Matt Avery, Stephen Turner, Ed Ross, Toby Hextall, Phil Thomas, Lisa Campana, Leona Ford, Brendan Stephens | Details When launching MOO’s Tailored collection, featuring Gold Foil, Spot Gloss or Raised Spot Gloss detailing, the team made their booth at HOW Design Live 2016 a focal point with striking black and gold details throughout, including gold hands holding collateral, humorous gold “grillz” printed on MOO cards and gold swag.

9. DSGNMark Branding



Company/Organization PNI Media, Vancouver, British Columbia; | Creative Team Lisa Laird | Details DSGNMark is an in-house design agency producing smart, customizable templates for the print-on-demand industry. With the use of intricate detail and geometric shapes, the branded graphics represent both the business and creative intent of the business model.

10. The Taste & Nutrition Discovery Center



Company/Organization Kerry, Beloit, WI; | Creative Team Michael O’Neill, Melissa Seipel, Taylor Rodriguez, Michelle Sidney, Quynh Leahy, McCannBlue, Elevate97, Melanie Kranz, Gina Swenson, HGA Architects and Engineers | Details The interior of this state-of-the-art space needed to reflect Kerry’s culture of innovation, leading technology and customer-centered partnership.

11. OSV Amped VIP Kit



Company/Organization OneSource Virtual, Dallas; | Creative Team Matt Regis, Jaclyn Williamson, Zack Howell, Laurel Alexander | Details The objective was to design and produce a VIP invitation kit targeting top-level executives and client prospects for an event headlined by ZZ Top. The overall concept sought to embrace the essence and style of rock ’n’ roll.

12. OSV Holiday Card


Company/Organization OneSource Virtual, Dallas; | Creative Team Matt Regis, Jaclyn Williamson, Zack Howell | Details The objective for this piece was to create a corporate holiday card for delivery to clients, partners and prospects of OneSource Virtual. The intent for the overall design was to capture and convey the nostalgia associated with the holiday season and present the values and tradition inherent to OneSource Virtual.