Winter 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards: Entertainment

The HOW In-House Design Awards recognizes the very best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations.

Outstanding Achievement Winner

The Color of Music: Pandora Rebrand

Company/Organization Pandora, Oakland, CA; | Creative Team Tony Calzaretta, Julie Scelzo, Jeff Ho, Shanna Pang, Melissa Hicks, Alan Chappell

Merit Winners

1. The Second City’s 104th Revue: Fool Me Twice, Déjà Vu

Company/Organization The Second City, Chicago; | Creative Team Bob Knuth, Matt Roeder, Allyson Wakeman, Wolf Stein | Details The objective was to create compelling art that will work in various formats/layouts to meet ever-growing digital and print marketing needs.

2. BAZ ­– Star Crossed Love


Company/Organization The Venetian Las Vegas; | Creative Team Adam Marshall, Sandy Schiff, Adam Martin, Eric Vozzola, Bryant Nguyen, Sophia Rosario, Julio Meza | Details When the developing hero creative for BAZ – Star Crossed Love, a new show at The Palazzo Theatre, the team aimed to make the powerful women from the three stories the focus, creating poses and treatments that exude divinity, antiquity and power.

3. Pandora at SXSW


Company/Organization Pandora, Oakland, CA; | Creative Team Tony Calzaretta, Jeff Ho, Julie Scelzo, Trent Thibodeaux, Melissa Hicks, Shanna Pang, Jason Tusman, Laura Keller, Dan Herchek, Savio Alphonso, Sophia Mola, Michael Baca, Kate Haskell, Jodi Baker, Winnie Wong, Brennan King, Vinny Licursi, Megan Hornbecker, Michael Pouncy, RJ Laverne, Conor Gordon, James McDonald, Daniel Gahr, Melinda James, Pete Stoddard, Daniel Craig, Aaron Moring, Evan Pollock, Marin Moran | Details In order to organically integrate the Pandora brand into both the city of Austin and SXSW, the team created a simple, versatile and bold mark that when paired with varying textures, patterns and colors, creates an authentic look that reflects the intersection of music and fashion and the energy and emotion of both music and the festival.

4. TCM Classic Cruise Beaux Arts Ball


Company/Organization Turner Classic Movies, Atlanta; | Creative Team Katie Daniels, Jane Earle, Pola Changnon | Details The graphics for Turner Classic Movies Classic Cruise Theme Night: Beaux Arts Ball (from An American In Paris) were hand-painted as a nod to the sets from the film.

5. XFINITY Home App


Company/Organization Comcast, Philadelphia; | Creative Team Tom Loretan, Robb D’Egiddio, Neil Epstein, Sean McGinnis, Jon Elison, Andy Pfeiffer, Rebecca Cook, Daeun Song, Michael Cantor, Chris Rackley, Hallie Bean, Austin Wells, Janine Andrews | Details The XFINITY Home app is a means of connecting customers to what they value the most—their homes and loved ones—even when they’re miles away.

6. AT&T Fiber of Love

Company/Organization DIRECTV, New York City; | Creative Team Roger Hyde, John Vetter, Max Jerome, David Bradley, Nancy Jimenez, David Ostrager, Tommy Tse, Ryan Wise, Billy Lewis, Hilda Griffiths | Details The objective was to drive awareness and increase subscribers from multiple dwelling units across the country to the AT&T platform. With this campaign, the company achieved more than 1.7 million print impressions, more than 31,000,000 digital impressions and an unprecedented lift in subscriptions.

7. Super Saturday Night


Company/Organization DIRECTV, New York City; | Creative Team Roger Hyde, John Vetter, Amanda Assadi, Richard Griffin, Roman Sciascia, Mike Polovsky, Sarah Grabel, William Lewis, Hilda Griffiths | Details Super Saturday Night is a prime opportunity for AT&T to celebrate its relationship with the sports world, while connecting with NFL owners, VIP attendees and sports fans.

8. Regal Ultimate Ticket Guardians Vol. 2


Company/Organization Regal Cinemas, Knoxville, TN; | Creative Team Dustin Hayes, Rodney Griffin | Details The objective was to excite Regal Cinemas’ passionate movie fans by designing a metal card that is both collectible-quality and fully functional as a ticket, giving unlimited viewings to the movie at Regal Cinemas for the entire release of the film.