Winter 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards: Sports

The HOW In-House Design Awards recognizes the very best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations.

Outstanding Achievement Winner

Harden Vol.1



Company/Organization Adidas, Global Brand Design – Basketball, Portland, OR; | Creative Team Eric Vellozzi, Mark Dayao, Jonah Nolde, Ryan Schroeder, Brian Hamilton, Bridget Zadoff, Atiba Jefferson, Shaun Mendiola, Jenna St. Martin

Merit Winners

1. Speedo Playbook


Company/Organization Speedo USA, Long Beach, CA; | Creative Team Ryan Cochran, Dustin Norman, Eric Rothman | Details The objective was to provide a comprehensive marketing and creative vision for the Speedo Swimwear brand in North America in a Playbook form, with the obstacle of an extremely short timeline for execution.

2. Teravail Branding & Launch


Company/Organization QBP, Minneapolis, MN; | Creative Team Garrett Davis, Saisha Harris, Joel Swenson, Brandon Sullivan, Brendan Lauer, Satchell Mische-Richter, Marty Wood | Details Seeing a hole in the gravel race tire market, QBP aimed to develop specialty bicycle tires for new or undiscovered terrain. Thus the name Teravail was born, with a brand mark that evokes a tribal quality—a sort of vision quest for the bold individualists that seek to master new terrain.

3. 2016-17 HEAT: Regular Season Campaign


Company/Organization Miami Heat, Miami; | Creative Team Michael McCullough, Jennifer Alvarez, Manuel Fabian, William Probus, JonMichael Rodriguez, Sasha Beck, Brett Maurer, Jasmine Nones-Newman, Jose Garcia, David Alvarez, Kristin Territo, Omar Feliz, Diogo Marques, Alejandro Arenas, Emilio Carnero | Details This campaign is a love letter to the Magic City, a celebration of the Miami Heat’s place in the community, and a reminder that this is still a basketball town.