Winter 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards: Technology and Science

The HOW In-House Design Awards recognizes the very best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations.

Merit Winner

Road to AI

Company/Organization Red Hat, Raleigh, NC; | Creative Team Brett Abramsky, Rachel Rooney, Leigh Day, Mike Esser, Kyle Messina, Beau Vorous, Andrew P. Johnson, Kieran Moreira, Jason Arthurs, Brent Simoneaux, Casey Stegman, Drew Carrow, Eric Kramer, Alex Davis | Details Part of Red Hat’s Open Source Stories series “Road to AI” asks some of the most crucial questions facing the transportation and technology industries as the world shifts to a more autonomous future. For example, how is artificial intelligence being programmed to make decisions we can live with? And can sharing data make self-driving cars more safe?