Creative Business Cards: Finding Design Inspiration

Malcolm Gladwell’s iconic book, Blink, tells us much of what we already know – first impressions mean everything. If you’re in business, the first few seconds of an introduction begin with eye-contact, a smile, name introductions, a simultaneous handshake and then, the business card exchange.


Now you look down at the card out of politeness. What do you see? Is it amazing, unique, inspirational? If it is one of the most creative business cards you’ve seen, will it leave you with a lasting impression?The entire scenario above typically takes less than five seconds and it is routine, meaning easily dismissed. What’s the best way to make a positive first impression and perhaps linger after the meeting concludes? Creative business cards provide not only a tangible object to possess, but the most creative business cards can open doors.

In Finding Business Card Design Inspiration, you will be treated to a selection of unique business cards created by design firms – businesses that must have amazing business cards or risk anonymity. We’ve set aside the best business cards design, showcasing the best fonts for business cards and the best business card examples we’ve seen.

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Finding Business Card Design Inspiration showcases more than a dozen of the best business cards created by design firms to your inbox. Have you ever wondered which is the best font for business cards? Are you more inspired by business card examples? When producing your own card do you get creative or just peruse sample business cards? Business card inspiration requires some looking. Before you start browsing, download our free issue of Finding Business Card Design Inspiration and prepare to throw away your old, tired card after you see these amazing business cards. Search business cards sample designs online for even more ideas. After all, business card design inspiration leads to other examples of good design that can be used across mediums such as font, color and texture.

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Creative Business Cards

What are the best fonts for business cards? Mama’s Sauce decided to create their own using a graphic image. Some of the best business cards aren’t about the content; they are about the print process. Mama’s Sauce created one of the most unique business cards by printing with 1-color Full Wash Letterpress giving it an embossed look that makes their moniker even more powerful with touch and visual interactions.

Unique Business Cards

Montreal-based Departement clearly felt enormous business card design inspiration when they created their cards. Designer Philippe Archontakis used different fluoro colors and included one particularly interesting companion – its own envelope. Even the best business cards can be elevated to a level of importance with this inclusion. Says Archnotakis, “Doing quality cards with small envelopes made people react…they won’t be thrown away in the garbage right away.”

Best Business Cards

Red Square Agency took the term “creative business cards” to a whole new level with theirs. The design team decided that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and created 60 business cards of equal size out of a full size image of founder Richard Sullivan, Sr. The sample business cards lifted from the poster appear “abstract on an individual piece,” which Creative Director Diana Nichols says gives it purpose “Designing our business papers in a way that is unexpected…brings delight to people and an affinity for our brand.”

Business Card Inspiration

Favien Barral decided that the print process would result in one of the most creative business cards he has done using letterpress with split fountain print. “…2 or 3 inks are applied and mixed together while it prints so most of the cards are different from one another.” Barral’s business cards sample deck is a good example of beautiful letterpress printing.

Amazing Business Cards

When thinking of the most creative business cards, Nina Gregier’s handmade designs are definitely incredible. While she considered the best font for business cards to use, she began experimenting with thread embroidered typography. The result is what she calls, “handmade in limited edition,” business cards that make them more unique to the recipient.

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