5 Creative Packaging Designs

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Creative packaging design attracts everyone. When our eyes land on an alluring package design, like moths to a flame, we gravitate toward that product and investigate further. The realm of uniquely gorgeous package designs is endless. We hand-selected some of our favorites from the 2014 Promotion and Marketing Design Awards for some great packaging design inspiration.

To understand the depth of skill applied to these package designs, let’s break down the packaging design process. As instructor Jennifer Tausch advises in the HOW Design University course, Product Packaging Design Strategy, “the key to great package design is using strategy to capture, serve and delight the product’s target market.”

5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Package:

Beginning the packaging design process, designers should consider these five factors in the planning stage: (this is extracted from the Product Packaging Design Strategy course)

  1. How to differentiate product from its competition
  2. Fit the brand’s current equities
  3. Provide a relevant experience for the targeted customer
  4. Communicate what it is and the product benefit
  5. Have a decisive Priority of Communication

The Importance of Target Audience Research:

All of the factors above tie to the central aim of establishing an emotional connection with the targeted audience. The deliberate application of typography, color selection, imagery and branding elements need to hone in on the audience’s interests and grab their attention. Designers discover their target audience’s interests with thorough research, in both demographics and psychographics (what motivates people to buy.) They communicate directly with their audience and ask for their opinions about the brand and what they think about the competition’s brands. Designers use the collected data to define their customer and to label their needs and wants. With this information, the visual design process truly begins. Once an idea is sketched out, smart designers reach out again to their audience to see if the new design connects with them. Analyzing another round of responses, the designers return to the drawing board for revisions or to create a more effective design.

The heavily involved package design process requires repetitive steps to understand completely how and why people will purchase their product. It’s not a quick design project and may take months of preparation work before the idealization of the actual design.

The creative packaging designs below are examples of excellently executed research and design thinking to create an attractive product.

5 Creative Packaging Designs

4 Brothers Blended Beer Co

by CYD Design Ltd

“The 4 brothers (+ 2 sisters) decided to take their hobby and passion for craft beers to the next level.  Blending beer usually happens at the tap, but 4 Brothers Blended Beer Co. moves the blending part into the actual brewing process. We partnered with this start-up craft brewery to create a logo, identity, packaging and brand as inventive as their product. We designed the upscale rustic look to give off a real craft beer feel and showcase the originality of their blends. In the first six months, distribution and sales have far surpassed the company’s annual projected goals.” – CYD Design Ltd.


Day of the Dead

by Zulu Alpha Kilo

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that takes place on October 31, November 1 and 2 each year. It’s a celebration of loved ones no longer living. One of the Dead of the Dead traditions is to honor the dead with sugar skulls.

Corona Brewery decided to sell their beer in limited edition Day of the Dead cans and soliticted Zulu Alpha Kilo to design the packaging. Zulu Alpha Kilo implemented the sugar skull tradition into their design, since it’s a significant part of the holiday.



 Make it Pop

by Farm Design

“We created a fun and delicious promotional piece to keep our clients cool during the scorching California heat. We were trying to think of something that our clients would eat up that uniquely captures the essence of the summer season. The result was a fresh, fun promo item featuring locally produced popsicles. The overall promo concept is simple; let the popsicles be the star.” – Farm Design




12 Days of Chocolate

by Chase Design Group

“12 Days of Chocolate” is a delicious riff on a familiar carol that gave us the opportunity to showcase our skills in package design and custom typography, while letting our humor and personality shine through. Designed both inside and out, each wrapper highlights an aspect of the rewarding and occasionally hectic experience of working at a creative agency.” – Chase Design Group




Neenah Paper Swatchbook Special Promotion

by Erkan Cetin

“This is special edition swatch-book created for the Neenah Paper Company’s selected clients to reflect the company’s high product quality. The Trojan horse is a unique artistic approach to the swatch-book concept. The hood of the Trojan horse includes mini swatch-books itself. Each of these little swatch-books represent a different type of Neenah paper with different finishing and production information created and bonded with legendary names that are inspired by Troy’s history as well as the color of the each book cover, book names, logo and paper names.” – Erkan Cetin