42 Impressive Logos & Identity Design Projects

Seth Godin defines “branding” as “the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. If the consumer (whether it’s a business, a buyer, a voter or a donor) doesn’t pay a premium, make a selection or spread the word, then no brand value exists for that consumer.”

Every institution in the world that considers itself a brand—from corporations to nonprofits to sports teams—relies on its identity design to represent its character to the public in a unique and recognizable way. The visual representation of a brand is one of the most fundamental projects a designer can work on.

But how can you qualify excellence in identity design? Aesthetic appeal? Recognizability? Ubiquity? Hard to say. Some of the most recognizable identity design examples in the world may not be the most appealing, artistically speaking. By the same token, some of the most beautiful identities go virtually unnoticed outside of a small community.

Fortunately, knowledgeable identity design experts can offer some insight. Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual showcases the best design work from across the U.S., including exceptional identity design work. In the competition in question, judges Jessica HelfandMichael VanderbylCaleb BennettDebbie MillmanAlexander Isley and Joseph Duffy selected the following brand and identity designs from their respective regions to elevate among the most noteworthy designs in the country.

Check out the mother lode of identity design projects, divided by region, below:

Identity Design from the East

judged by Jessica Helfand

Ambit Identity

160over90, Philadelphia; www.160over90.com

Ambit_ID_presentation_05-3 Ambit_ID_presentation_05-11

Mungo Identity

Jan Sabach Design, Northampton, MA; www.sabach.cz

Mungo_1Mungo_3 (1)  Mungo_2 (1)

Catherine’s Butterflies

TracyLocke, Wilton, CT; www.tracylocke.com

The logo for the butterfly would’ve been easy to miss, but when I read that it was for one of the children whose life had been taken at Sandy Hook, I had to vote it in. How many designers in their lives will be asked to design an identity program for a dead child? Hopefully none. But this designer did so with dignity and through a simple typographic set of choices. An unthinkable task. – Jessica Helfand


Hugo’s Brand and Collateral Design

Might & Main, Portland, ME; www.might-main.com

03_Hugos_Window 15_Hugos_Collateral-wide

Monroe Workshop

Sarah Rainwater Design, Providence, RI; www.srainwater.com

Monroe-Print-01 Monroe-Phone-01

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Identity Design from the Far West

judged by Michael Vanderbyl

Coffee Cultures Integrated Branding Program

Chen Design Associates, San Francisco; www.chendesign.com

253-2 CC_business_card_r1 CC_menu_only_r2

Brownie and Madam Integrated Branding Program

Chen Design Associates, San Francisco; www.chendesign.com

CDA_1438 BAM-box_softcase

Flour + Co Identity

Rubber Design, San Francisco; www.rubberdesign.com

fc_3 fc_4

Black Ink Identity

Albertson Design, San Francisco; www.albertsondesign.com

albertsondesign-blackink-logo-1024x768-rgb blackink_brandid_02

Dō Baked Goods

LJ Design, San Francisco; www.lanejordan.comdough_card1_lanejordan

Fetcham Park Identity

Hint Creative, Salt Lake City, www.hintcreative.com

TDC_FP_1 TDC_FP_4-stationery

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Identity Design from the Southwest

judged by Caleb Bennett

NIRI Southwest Regional Conference Identity

Origin, Houston; www.originaction.com



Dallas Comedy House Logo Series

RBMM, Dallas; www.rbmm.com



Doug’s Gym

The Matchbox Studio, Dallas; www.matchboxstudio.com

DougsGym_Promo01 Dick_Patrick_Doug039s1

Austin Parks Foundation

The Butler Bros, Austin, TX; www.thebutlerbros.com

APF_Portfolio_Entry6 APF_Portfolio_Entry7

Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon

Arts and Recreation, Austin, TX; www.arts-rec.com


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Identity Design from New York City

judged by Debbie Millman

Fortuny Identity

Pentagram, New York City; www.pentagram.com

Fortuny_2014_025 Fortuny_2014_034

Jigsaw Productions Identity


JIGSAW_SIGNAGE_3 jigsaw_2013-07_mf11748

Avianca, Visual Identity

Lippincott, New York City; www.lippincott.com


Puck Penthouses Branding

Pentagram, New York City; www.pentagram.com

TDC-Contest_PUCK_1 TDC-Contest_PUCK_3

Offset Logos

Siegel+Gale, New York City; www.siegelgale.com


Well Rounded Sound Logo

Hinterland, New York City; www.hinterlandstudio.com

Hinterland_WellRoundedSound_PRINT_RDA2014_20140202_01 Hinterland_WellRoundedSound_PRINT_RDA2014_20140202_08

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts Identity

Pentagram, New York City; www.pentagram.com

Caramoor_post Caramoor_post


The Jade Hotel

Mucca Design, New York City; www.mucca.com

TheJade_3 TheJade_4

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Identity Design from the South

judged by Alexander Isley

Lichty Guitars Identity

Stitch Design Co., Charleston, SC; www.stitchdesignco.com

Licthy3StitchDesignCo LichtyStitchDesignCo

S+G Engineers Identity

COCG, Raleigh, NC; www.cocg.co


Booth Custom Jewelry and Identity

COCG, Raleigh, NC; www.cocg.co

booth1 booth2

Corpus Callosum

Stitch Design Co., Charleston, SC; www.stitchdesignco.com


Black Pine Branding

Device Creative Collaborative, Winston-Salem, NC; www.wearedevice.com


Unlock Tampa Bay Branding Campaign

SPARK, Tampa, FL; www.spark.us

vtb_6 TB_Businesscard2

The Pelican House Multimedia Campaign

TILT, Baton Rouge, LA; www.tiltthis.com

tilt_pelicanhouselogo tilt_pelicansign

Mason’s Multimedia Campaign

Green Olive Media, Atlanta; www.greenolivemedia.com

masons-01 masons-03

Crop Salon Branding

Device Creative Collaborative, Winston-Salem, NC; www.weare device.com


Kanga Multimedia Campaign

Matchstic, Atlanta; www.matchstic.com


STEM Scouts Brand Identity

Designsensory, Knoxville, TN; www.designsensory.com


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Identity Design from the Midwest

judged by Joe Duffy

International Architects Atelier Identity

Design Ranch, Kansas City, MO; www.design-ranch.com



Honey Butter Fried Chicken Multimedia Campaign

Kitemath, Chicago; www.kitemath.com

HBFC-Skyline-Poster HBFC-Beach-Towel-Frisbee


Whiskey Design Branding

Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; www.whiskeydesign.com

whiskeydesign-branding-1 whiskeydesign-branding-6

Yello Identity

Deksia, Grand Rapids, MI; www.deksia.com


Black Powder Tavern Identity

TWIST Creative Inc., Cleveland; www.twistcreative.com

BlackPowder BlackPowderAd

Discover How to Be: Multimedia Campaign

Olson, Minneapolis; www.olson.com

BEL_Brand_Logo BEL_BrandBook_3

Bonbright Distributors Brand Manifesto, Website (www.bonbright.com), Video and Graphics

by Real Art, Dayton, OH; www.realart.com

Bonbright_BC Bonbright-Manifesto2

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