Busses, Boarding Tickets & Beautiful Rebranding

The latest beautiful rebranding to roll into town comes from full-service creative studio and production company El Autobus. I’m not sure which I love more—the gorgeous color palette, the custom typeface or the way all of the brand elements work together, giving an overall friendly, fun impression of the talented creative team. One thing’s for sure: This project deserves some behind-the-scenes action. Scroll down for a look at the moodboard and process used for this project.


Beautiful Branding

“El Autobus’ re-brand was made at a time when the ‘ad agency’ label and look was no longer fitting it,” says Dani V. Sanchez, who provided creative/art direction, design, illustration and retouching for the project. “One day, talking with owners Roberto Fonfria and Simon de Franca, I suggested a new look for El Autobus could help to establish its new growth and changes, and from there I just started working on it every chance I could.”

Sanchez placed particular importance on ensuring that the branding represent everything the studio truly was at the time, and also what they could be in the future. “The studio—and I call it a studio because that’s what it truly was, even back then—is always bursting with creative energy: from [Fonfria’s] fine art to [de Franca’s] music or someone’s skateboarding across the concrete floor,” Sanchez says. “A place with a constant boom of movement where everyone always has some extra skill tucked in their sleeve.”

Sanchez notes that the vintage look was inspired by de Franca and Fonfria’s personalities. “I knew their love for it and knew that if El Autobus had a real bus to take us around, it would have to have been a vintage Kombi. … So, from there on, I researched and researched. I didn’t want to depart too much from the original logo; it also seemed [fitting, because] the name of the company came from a Venezuelan saying that translates to ‘get on the bus,’ that the look should reflect this idea as well, and to ‘get on a bus,’ you need a ticket!”

The team retrofitted the old Autobus look with the studio’s new values, making use of their original Kombi logo (complete with wings) and imagining what its boarding ticket would look like. The result—a modern, dynamic take on vintage bus tickets—allows El Autobus to present their four main services—branding, advertising, production and content creation.


Sanchez’ moodboard


El Autobus business cards, a creative take on vintage bus tickets


El Autobus writes that the new logo was created to be modular, to represent the studio’s current and future services.

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The creative team drew inspiration from vintage public transportation typography (especially on vintage buses) to design a custom typeface.


Project moodboard


The iconography created as part of the rebrand spotlights El Autobus’ 4 main services and its identity. The icons are created to look like vintage bus ticket stamps.


El Autobus team



For the photography element of its rebrand, El Autobus creatives imagined their “beloved Kombi” road-tripping through Miami, FL (where the studio is based) and created various scenes to exemplify what El Autobus stands for: approachability, creative work and a small but dedicated team.


In addition to its beautiful self branding, the team at El Autobus is doing some exciting client work—everything from identity work for small start-ups to helping big brands “find their groove.” You might find them developing original content for TV Network shows or designing indie rock album covers, and clients have included Unicef, HBO and Santander Bank. Regardless of client or project, creativity is the common thread. The studio’s mission is to achieve a communication goal in the most memorable and effective way possible, all while crafting a great consumer experience.

Check out more of El Autobus’ work here.


El Autobus rebrand stationery


Brand colors


Envelopes and business cards


El Autobus office space in Miami, FL


Office space



Project Credits:

DANI V. SANCHEZ: Creative/Art Direction, Design, Illustration & Retouching
ROBERTO FONFRIA: Creative Direction & Fine Art
SIMON DE FRANCA: Branding Photography
GREGORIO DE FRANCA: Portfolio & Branding Photography
LUIS FERNANDO DE FRANCA: Portfolio Photography
AGENCY & CLIENT: El Autobus (Self-branding project)


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