Free Font of the Week: Fundead BB

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Welcome to Free Font of the Week, where we showcase our favorite free font finds! We are constantly browsing the web to bring you the best content. We try our best to promote independent designers and their free fonts by browsing sites like Behance and Dribble. If you have a recommendation or would like to see your typeface featured, email us.

Designers:  Blambot (Nate Piekos)

Location: Rhode Island, USA


Download: Blambot

About the face: Not only is it Free Font Friday, but it’s also Friday the 13th! In October! Do you realize how exciting this is? Not just because I love spooky things. I have been waiting to share Blambot’s work with you for weeks.

Blambot is the alias for designer Nate Piekos, who has been designing typefaces since at least 1999. His work has been featured by Marvel, DC, Image, Oni Press and Dark Horse and he can boast licenses with companies like The New Yorker, Microsoft and Six Flags.

Every month, he produces new fonts for the comic book industry (and for everyone in the creative field). Blambot has so many free fonts available for personal use, and even allows independent comic book artists to use the fonts in their work for free, that it was difficult for me to choose which horror design to share today. But I decided to go with Fundead BB. It’s wonderfully creepy, legible and has automatic ligatures for TH, TI, TT and TU. The download comes with a regular font and an italic font. The only downside: Fundead BB doesn’t have any accent marks, so it will be difficult to write in languages outside of English.

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