7 Striking 2015 Calendar Designs

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Ready to ring in the New Year? Check out these gorgeous 2015 calendars for a bit of creative inspiration. Featuring striking colors and exceptional use of typography, these designs display a year’s worth of exceptional artistry.

Geometric 2015 Calendar

By Szende Brassai

Featuring geometric images of nature for each month, this 2015 calendar is great for nature lovers and designers alike. Puchase a print of the calendar at Society6.

Geometric 2015 Calendar

Grid Index is the first comprehensive visual lexicon of patterns and grid systems. Based upon years of research, artist and musician Carsten Nicolai has discovered and unlocked the visual code for visual systems into a systematic equation of grids and patterns.

2015 Letterpress Calendar

Barral Fabien, Joe White, Matt Stevens, Reno Orange

“Be creative in 2015 following every month words of wisdom of the Mr Cup creative manifesto letterpress calendar. Limited to 500 copies, it is composed of 13 cards printed on 700g french paper. Each of the 20×14 cm card has its own color, referring to the season. It is a hand numbered limited edition.” Limited quantities are available for purchase here.

Letterpress 2015 CalendarLetterpress 2015 CalendarLetterpress 2015 CalendarIn her online course Mastering Typography, type expert Denise Bosler expands upon the foundations of typography, and provides an understanding of type as a means of creating a visual experience.

Bureau Oberhaeuser Infographic Calendar 2015


“The Bureau Oberhaeuser Calendar 2015 is a two-part, infographic yearly calendar. This double-sided wall calendar is printed on matt finished 170g paper, format Din B1 (70 x 100cm). The calendar on the front features 12 color-rings, each representing one month of the year. Federal holidays (United States) are highlighted with an icon and white color. The tabular view at the bottom offers some space to fill in appointments or birthdays. The calendar on the back shows all days of the year in one big circle together with the phases of the moon and it’s distance to the earth. Federal holidays (United States) are also highlighted with an icon.” Get it in English here.

Bureau Oberhaeuser Infographic 2015 Calendar

Want to learn more about infographics design? Check out Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling by Jason Lankow, Ross Crooks and Josh Ritchie.

Greenery Calendar

By Anton Yermolov and Natasha Grezina

“This year Natasha Grezina and me have chosen flower theme for 2015 Calendar. We called it Greenery because it is the place where flowers grow all the year round. They can bring us joy in spite of rain, snow, low temperature and scalding sun. Natasha created series of illustrations and pattern, where the core message was to imagine how could flowers grow, if it is unusual greenery and who could live there, birds or beetles, for example. I made custom typography and calendar grid. We also created a post card kit for sending good news to friends and family.” – Anton Yermolov

Greenery 2015 Calendar Design Greenery 2015 Calendar Design

Perpetual Wall Calendar

By Dan Reisinger

“A calendar that never goes out of date. Dan Reisinger’s dynamic and boldly interactive calendar encourages the user to create beautiful combinations of color and composition every day for more than 40,000 days. A sturdy metal frame holds six reversible bi-color cut-out sheets and cards which display the day of the week, month, and date.” Get it at MoMAstore.org.

Perpetual Wall 2015 Calendar Design Perpetual Wall 2015 Calendar Design Perpetual Wall 2015 Calendar Design

Just Type 2015 Wall Calendar

New from Workman Publishing comes an ingenious calendar that celebrates the power and the artistry of the font. Fonts are a simple way to express style and personality, and each is a work of art in itself. Just Type indulges enthusiasts with 12 of the most distinctive and historic typefaces. The squares of each oversize grid are printed using variations of the featured font for an energetic and visually striking look. Accompanying text includes a description, characteristics, and fascinating trivia. There’s Matrix, the first font designed on a Mac. The rounded forms of Bauhaus. And the ornate Caslon, known as the script of kings—but also used by the founding fathers for the Declaration of Independence from the king. Printed on matte stock, this calendar is an elegant addition to your home or office –– or, great to give as a gift. Get it at MyDesignShop.com.

Typography 2015 CalendarTypography 2015 Calendar

2015 Brave Wall Calendar

by Brad Woodard, Brave the Woods

“Each month is paired with an important event that happened that month in history.” Purchase one at www.braveoutpost.com for $25.

Brave 2015 Calendar

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  1. JLinMN

    woof. That first calendar is a hot mess. Those monthly icons not proportionate or on any grid. Some are tiny and floating in space. Others, ground to a border. Then, some bleeding off and huge. ouch.