Typography Inspiration: Crafting Great Fonts

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Graphic design is the art of communicating. Typography design is an important part of effectively getting a message out and there is no shortage of typography inspiration in order to master communicating through fonts, animations and imagery.

In 5 Tactics for Motion Typography, an excerpt from Type Idea Index written by Jim Krause, a compelling typography tutorial is offered, incorporating energy into communication design.

It’s not just typography fonts that create motion. The best typography employs creative type themes that convey energy, motion, vitality, vigor, force and action in addition to supporting compositional elements all offer great typography examples of moving type.

The history of typography refers back to early cave drawings using pictures instead of an alphabet. Modern typography, albeit 1400 years old, is more easily recognized in illuminated manuscripts incorporating the Roman alphabet. The gilded lettering with hand brushed strokes reminds us of the calligraphy done today in typography quotes, recreated using typography fonts and hand lettering. 3d typography has also provided a tactic to create motion graphics and a great way to engage the reader.

How these fonts become energetic is the subject of 5 Tactics for Motion Typography.

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Typography terms  have increased to include 3d typography, web typography and css typography. If you need to create a message on your website, css typography needs code to bring your words to life. Understanding how to create web-friendly fonts as well as which typography fonts work best online is important to understand. In 5 Tactics for Motion Typography, Krause introduces important typography terms and information on print and web typography options.

The best typography is created by designers who treat the letters and words as separate components to a message. Some use different fonts to incorporate an overall theme. The possibilities are endless and limited only by one’s imagination. 5 Tactics for Motion Typography provides a handful of tactics to get your ideas flowing. But, as I said before, typography inspiration has given rise to numerous tools. This download offers only a small amount of it.

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Typography Design: Initials and Monograms

Initials or monograms easily find their place in the history of typography. Krause suggests, “A monogram is a visual and conceptual expression that exists somewhere between a typographic logo and a pictorial icon.” Some of America’s top companies offer the best typography examples of initials and monograms.

Typography Inspiration: Word Graphics

Typography quotes sometimes require the use of “spirited text.” In fact, Krause challenges designers to cast “type in your layout’s starring role.” Dressing up words with color and animated letters brings motion and energy to any message.

Typography Art: Assemblages

This tactic of typography design includes blending different typography fonts to create the energy variance. To fully understand the possibilities of messaging, creating layouts with specific text blocks, then changing blocks around can often make the difference between a humorous design and serious one.

Typography Generator: Headlines and Featured Text

Krause offers great typography examples for exacting energy into the headline – ‘Run for you Life’ – including changing the hue and editing the font with italics or incorporating filters and effects using Photoshop.

Creative Typography: Logotypes & Corporate Signatures

Typography design is often the centerpiece of a logotypes or corporate signatures. Krause suggests incorporating some modern typography assets such as tilting or curing the baseline of individual characters or entire words to infuse energy.

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