Free Webinar on Using Figure Styles in OpenType Fonts

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Confidently Use Numbers in OpenType Fonts

When designing with type, the use of numbers can take a layout from good to great. Likewise if you don’t use numerals deftly, it can be the downfall of an otherwise solid design. Join us for this free webinar as we walk through how best to use different figure styles in OpenType fonts led by designer Terrance Weinzier.

Terrence will demystify the different figure styles in OpenType fonts using one of his favorite tools, Adobe Illustrator. Using his own typefaces to demonstrate, Terrance will walk through examples of: Proportional Lining, Proportional Old Style, Tabular Lining and Tabular Old Style figures.

**Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the webinar. We will provide a recording to all registrants.

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Free OpenType Webinar — Details

WHO: Terrance Weinzier will be leading this free 30 minute webinar to get you familiarized with the best ways to use numerals in design layouts.

WHAT: A free webinar devoted exclusively to the Achilles heel of many designs: the use of numbers. After the webinar, you will be more confident in recognizing the different types of figures commonly included in professional fonts, and using the Adobe OpenType palette to typeset them.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 24, 1pm EST

WHERE: Register here to secure your spot in the free webinar. 

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Why It Matters

This detail in your typography can contribute to the sophistication and precision of your designs. When typographers talk about the characters that make up numbers, we call them figures. Numbers, after all, can be anything—10, 200, 0.0125, whatever. So: 10 is a number, but 1 and 0, individually, are figures. As we look closer at the advanced options a professional font may offer in terms of OpenType figure styles, we can find ways to make these special tools enhance a larger design piece.

After the webinar, you will be a pro at identifying the various types of figures commonly included in the most-used fonts out there, and manipulating them with the Adobe OpenType palette for typesetting them. 

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