International Design Awards Winners 2017: Signage & Environmental Graphics

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Merit Winners in the Signage & Environmental Graphics Category

1. Accenture Digital Hub EGD


Design Firm Accenture Japan and Gensler, Tokyo; | Creative Team Mami Fujioka, interior designer; Agata Takeshita, environmental graphic designer; Nacasa & Partners, Inc., photography | Printer Name | Client Accenture Japan Ltd | Details The environmental graphic is inspired by lateralization of brain functions and how innovation happens when creative thinking (right brain) and logical thinking (left brain) collide.

2. AVA Little Tokyo


Design Firm TCA GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDIO, Los Angeles; | Creative Team India Howlett, art director/designer | Client Avalon Bay Properties, AVA Little Tokyo | Details The playful techno aesthetic of the building is reflected in the signage through materials and design.

3. Camden Hollywood Wall Graphics


Design Firm TCA GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDIO, Los Angeles; | Creative Team India Howlett, art director/designer | Client Camden Properties | Details The wall art commissioned by Camden properties for the exterior of its apartment building needed to reflect both the history of Hollywood and the ultra-cool clientele the client wishes to attract.

4. Children’s Museum of Denver


Design Firm ArtHouse Design, Denver; | Creative Team Marty Gregg, art director; Evan Bethel, art director/designer/illustrator; Zach Kotel, art director/designer/illustrator/photographer; Brittany Sparks, photographer; Ad Light Group, fabrication; Oz Architecture | Client Children’s Museum of Denver | Details The ArtHouse team drew inspiration from the geometric lines of an Etch-A-Sketch, the ubiquitous children’s toy, and translated this into a simple and elegant wayfinding motif.

5. Deloitte Wayfinding and Graphics Program


Design Firm Reich+Petch Design International, Toronto; | Creative Team Tony Reich, principal-in-charge; Edmund Li, associate, lead designer; Ron Flood, associate, technical coordinator; Jordan Zettel, technical designer; Laura Lehming, designer; Kerun Ip Photography | Client Deloitte | Details The reimagined wayfinding system enables the connections within the seven-floor work environment by integrating navigation, communication and design.

6. Dwight-Englewood School Hajjar STEM Cente


Design Firm Gensler, New York City; | Creative Team Brian Brindisi, Lisa Tatsuuma, Raymond Bourraine, John Maestas, designers; Garrett Rowland, photography | Client Dwight Englewood School | Details Gensler’s brand design services included signage and wayfinding, a comprehensive donor recognition program and environmental graphics throughout the space.

7. Faces of Pride

Design Firm SapientNitro, Toronto; | Creative Team Howie Howatson, executive creative director; Graham Ameron, associate creative director; Laura Rothstein, copywriter; Andrew Hodge, art director; Awaz Samad, Kimberly Lam, designers; Shane Harley, motion designer; Rene Noel, Alison Hall, Mike Quattrin, developers; Tahsin Hocanin, Nitin Arora, project managers; Derooted, production; and others | Client Allied Reit | Details The firm used a side of their building as a massive canvas to project the faces of people who support and celebrate Pride.

8. Fifth Letter Office Signage


Design Firm/Client Fifth Letter, Winston-Salem, NC; | Creative Team Elliot Strunk, art director | Printers SpeedPro Graphics, Davis Signs | Details Along with exterior and interior signage and wall graphics, the graphics that line Fifth Letter’s stairs reinforce their brand as well as the importance of design.

9. Free Zone


Design Firm Second Story, part of SapientNitro, Atlanta; | Creative Team Joel Krieger, executive creative director; Hunter Spence, technology director; Emily Fridman, studio director; Scott Hickman, design lead; Pavani Yalla, experience design lead; Matthew Lewis, studio technology manager; Casey Mann, producer; Andy Pruett, technologist; Stephany Gill, senior designer; Mauricio Talero, senior art director; Matheus Meneghel, art director; Ashton Grosz, senior experience designer; Kathryn Beane, senior content strategist; and others | Client Goat Farm Arts Center | Details For Creative Loafing’s annual Best of Atlanta block party, Second Story transported partygoers into a strange but plausible future world.

10. Good Chemistry Signage/Environment

Good Chemistry. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

Design Firm Duffy, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Joe Duffy, Alan Leusink, creative directors; Joseph Duffy, design director; Katie DeYoe, designer | Client Good Chemistry |
Details Good Chemistry sought the power of design to lift long-held negative perceptions while reaffirming the compassion and science found in cannabis use.

11. GSA Headquarters


Design Firm Design Ranch, Kansas City, MO; | Client GSA | Details Design Ranch was hired to boost the organization’s morale and create a wayfinding system that helped employees adapt to an entirely new way of working.

12. Häagen-Dazs


Design Firm CBA, San Francisco; | Creative Team Jean-Marc Rinaldi, chief executive officer; Elainne Roberton, managing director; Paul Bennett, associate creative director; Anne Vaschetto, design director | Client Nestle/Häagen-Dazs | Details B tapping into the nature of cities, where so much is experienced from up above, ice cream parlor-style graphics on the top of each truck showcase Häagen Dazs delight with consumers high up in the sky.

13. Huti’s 5 Environmental Graphics


Title Huti’s 5 Environmental Graphics | Design Firm Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; | Creative Team Suzy Simmons, art director; Gabby Nguyen, Yiwen Lu, designers | Client Huti’s 5 Free-Fire Grill | Details Inspiration came in part from the beloved donkey on the restaurateur’s ranch that served as the inspiration for the hard work it would take to get this restaurant off the ground.

14. Levi’s 501 Day


Design Firm Hybrid Design, San Francisco; | Creative Team Dora Drimalas, executive creative director/cofounder; Caleb Kozlowski, creative director; Brett Newman, Patchara Charoensiri, designer; Phil Oh, photographer; Kim Yokers, project manager; Man Repeller (Leandra Medine), stylist | Client Levi’s | Details To celebrate Levi’s 501 Day, Repeller and Oh styled and photographed Levi’s fans in their 501 Jeans, and the firm printed their posters in real-time.

15. Merry Ambigumas

Design Firm/Client SapientNitro, Chicago; | Creative Team Stephanie Ayoob, art director; Andrea Langley, Jack Minogue, designers; Peter Corey, copywriter; Joshua Koenig, associate creative director; Kai Hansen, Pasindu Wewegama, technologists; Peter Binggeser, manager, technology; TJ McLeish, director of technology; Erika Pokraka, producer; Jessica Buhrman, Joe Pokraka, assistant producers | Details Creating a hand-painted, interactive experience, SapientNitro shared a message that had nothing to do with Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukkah.

16. Mímir’s Well—Dive Deep into Memory

Design Firm SapientNitro, Toronto; | Creative Team Howie Howatson, executive creative director; Alison Garnett, creative director; Graham Ameron, associate creative director; Brad Swerdfeger, user experience designer; Laura Rothstein, copywriter; Andrew Hodge, Brian Cass, designers; Dave Jackson, Rene Noel, Takbir Sarker, developers; and others | Client Allied Reit | Details Using Kinect technology, Unity 3D animation and parametric speakers, SapientNitro transported visitors from Allied Reit’s newest landmark development to each of the nine worlds of Norse mythology.

17. Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum


Design Firm Reich+Petch Design International, Toronto; | Creative Team Stephen Petri, principal-in-charge/project manager; Bridget Brown, Shawn Banerd, designers; Cathy Misiaszek, interior designer; Jordan Zettel, technologist; Laura Lehming, Stephen Browne, graphic designers; Teeple Architects, architectural design; The Design Foundation, multimedia design; and others | Client Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative | Details This world-class dinosaur museum was custom-built to house bones extracted from the Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Bonebed.

18. Redwood City Shadow Art


Designer Damon Belanger, San Carlos; | Client City of Redwood City | Details This series of about 20 public art pieces was painted on city sidewalks to enliven the environment.

DESIGN TIP: “Know the environment where you will be creating the installation and use it to your advantage. In addition to focusing on the immediate space near your project, take into account the surrounding area. It’s easy to create something that works on paper that might not be appropriate for the location.” —Damon Belanger,

19. TED 2016 DREAM.


Design Firm Hybrid Design, San Francisco; | Creative Team Dora Drimalas, executive creative director/cofounder; Caleb Kozlowski, creative director; Brett Newman, designer/illustrator; Kim Yokers, project manager | Printer Metropolitan Fine Printers Inc. | Client TED Conferences | Details The concept of the TED 2016 Conference (“DREAM.”) was all about moving away from the stigma people associate with dreams—that they are unrealistic with no place in serious endeavors—and embracing their potential for impact.

20. United Sports Brands Office Graphics


Design Firm Sussner Design Company, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Derek Sussner, art director; Ben Alpert, designer; Tim Tadder, Bob Pearl, Joel Sheagren, photographers; Jeff Mueller, copywriter; Steve Kemmerling, retoucher; Duffy Partners, United Sports Brands identity | Printer Let’s Get Graphic | Client United Sports Brands | Details The underlying goal was to create an energetic, inspiring, impressive space for employees and visitors alike.