International Design Awards Winners 2018: Signage & Environmental Graphics

The HOW International Design Awards has been recognizing excellence on a global scale for 25 years now. Explore winners in the Signage & Environmental Graphics category below, and if you want to get your hands on the amazing prizes we’re offering HOW competition winners this year, check out all the open competitions and enter your best work today. We hope to see you at our next trophy ceremony—and in HOW+PRINT’s all-new book (we can’t wait for you to see it)!

Merit Winners in the Signage & Environmental Graphics Category

1. Widiba Wayfinding System

Design Firm jekyll & hyde, Milano, Italy; | Creative Team Marco Molteni, Margherita Monguzzi, art directors; Luca Barcellona, Team Blazin, Barbara Calzolari, Francesco Guerrera, Mister Kams, Deep Masito, Piger, Andrea Rafiki, Mr. Zé, Alessandro Zonta, calligraphers | Client Banca Widiba S.p.A.

2. Cuba

Company/Client American Museum of Natural History, New York City; | Creative Team Catharine Weese, David Harvey, art directors; Elizabeth Anderson, Eleanor Kung, Joshua Marz, Sarah Choi, Alexander Passikoff, Michael Meister, Lydia Romero, designers; Michele Miyares Hollands, illustrator; Denis Finnin, photographer; Margaret Dornfeld, Martin Schwabacher, JoAnn Gutin, Sasha Nemecek, Lauri Halderman, copywriters; Jose Ramos, Ana Luz Porzecanski, Christoper Raxworthy, Toni Gabor, Rachel Edsill | Printer ColorEdge

3. Ponce City Market

Design Firm Airspace, New York City; | Creative Team Jill Ayers, art director; Rachel Einsidler, designer; Jamestown Properties, photography | Printer Henry Incorporated | Client Jamestown Properties

4. City of Atlanta Public Notice Signage

Design Firm Matchstic, Atlanta; | Creative Team Blake Howard, art director; Brian Nelson, lead designer; Courtney Perets, designer; Danielle DePiper, copywriter/strategist; Jason Orme, strategist | Client City of Atlanta

5. Northeastern University CAMD Signage and Wayfinding

Design Firm Pixel Parlor, Philadelphia; | Creative Team Jenn Richey Nicholas, art director/designer; Bart Lyons, designer | Printer Applied Image | Client Northeastern University College of Arts, Media and Design

6. National Financial Institution

Design Firm sky design, Atlanta; | Client National Financial Institution

7. Roasters Block Environmental Graphics

Design Firm DMH, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Paul Diamond, creative director; Rob Mitchell, Caitlin Workman, art directors/designers; Kevin VanEmburgh, photographer; Jim Aylward, copywriter; Katie Onofrio, account manager; Lauren Hilboldt, Rusti Decker, project managers | Client O’Reilly Development

8. Cleveland YMCA Branding

Design Firm Moody Nolan, Columbus, OH; | Creative Team Earl Lee, Eileen Goodman, art directors; Kylie Stanley, designer; Tommy Holmes, experiential designer; Scott Pease, photographer | Client Cleveland YMCA

9. Create Your Own Candy Bar

Design Firm GoDutch, Cincinnati; | Creative Team Andy Keene, art director; Mike Gertz, Mandy Smith, Alissa Gilley, designers; Lisa Murtha, copywriter; Todd Schwertman; Hershey Global Design Team; Hershey’s Chocolate World | Printer Stoner Graphics | Client Hershey’s Chocolate World

10. Sony Corporation of America

Design Firm Airspace, New York City; | Creative Team Jill Ayers, art director; Rachel Einsidler, designer; Eric Laignel, STUDIOS Architecture, photography | Printers Design Communications LTD, Coyle and Company | Client Sony Corporation of America

11. The Wheelhouse at Industry City

Design Firm Airspace, New York City; | Creative Team Jill Ayers, art director; Rachel Einsidler, designer; Jamestown Properties, photography | Printers Drive21, Industry City’s in-house painting team | Client Jamestown Properties

12. Boulevardia 2016 Beer Festival

Design Firm Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO; | Creative Team Matt Wegerer, Micah Barta, art directors/designers/illustrators; Roberto Camacho, Lauren Bowles, designers; Austin Walsh, Brian Rice, Matt Wadsworth, Travis Young, Alex Echard, photographers; Drunk Copywriter; O’Neill Events, event builders; Trey Morgan, motion graphics, 19Below, editing/fi nishing, Propaganda3, web/app development | Printers Soli Printing, Art Lithocraft, Vahalla Studios, Custom Color | Client Boulevardia

13. Dairy Products Inc. Signage

Design Firm Sussner Design Company, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Derek Sussner, art director; Tanya Naylor, designer | Printer Imagine! Express | Client Dairy Products Inc.

14. Uber 555

Design Firm Studio O+A, San Francisco; | Creative Team Michelle Richter, art director/designer; Elizabeth Vereker, art director; Alan Lee, Dani Canepa, Tova Schachter, Tarryn Manskie, designers; Donald Koide, designer/illustrator; Jasper Sandidad, photographer; Dan Kretchmer, project manager | Printer Antlre Creative | Client Uber

15. Fly Feet Running Studio

Design Firm/Client Fame Retail, Minneapolis; | Creative Team Julie Feyerer, VP/creative director; Jen Sheeler, creative director; James Gross, photographer | Client Fly Feet Running

16. Second Avenue Subway

Design Firm Calori & Vanden-Eynden, New York City; | Creative Team Chris Calori, art director; David Vanden-Eynden, Kisuh Chung, Jordan Marcus, Charles Goodwin, Jessica Schrader, Lindsay McCosh, designers | Client Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)