Product Branding Strategy Across Multiple Platforms

What is product branding? Simply put, it is how a product interacts with its consumer audience through design, logo, and messaging. It is difficult to settle on one product branding definition because branding triggers an emotional connection in consumers. If done well, product branding can be maintained and produce a solid, well-connected connection throughout the life of the product. The challenge, however, lies in new media, licensing and social media, where the “message” might be communicated via the audience and not the expert branding professionals.

Branding a product was much easier when there were no websites, smart phones, interactive games or social media. Today, creative teams are required to seamlessly brand products across multiple media, using the same voice, design and messaging, often with different creative teams and designers creating separate brand extensions. Product Branding Strategies Across Multiple Platforms looks at three top companies – Sesame Workshop, Activision and Coca-Cola – and how their creative teams worked together in branding a product so that its messages were clear and its design interconnected via numerous platforms.

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Although the product branding definition hasn’t changed, the process of connecting consumers with products has. Product branding has challenged creative teams over the past decade as they work to deal with website content, package design, television shows, commercials, events, sponsorships and more. How do top companies like Coca-Cola, Activision and Sesame Workshop allow hundreds of licensees to produce products and still maintain the same concise product branding? Product Branding Strategies Across Multiple Platforms give insight into this issues, offering tips on how strong, accessible brands are maintained in the marketplace and consistent messaging even is realized even with hundreds of licensees and multiple brand extensions that can dilute messaging and continuity.

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Branding a Product: Sesame Workshop’s Sesame Street

Sesame Workshop, the parent company of Sesame Street, is a 40+ year-old company with over 700 consumer product licensees worldwide, a television show, website and more. How does has this company manage their product brand with as many as 18,000 consumer products going through the approval process each year? We’ll tell you how.

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Product Branding Strategy: Activision’s Guitar Hero

As Guitar Hero launched new titles, branding products followed – Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, and Guitar Hero Metallica. Eachtime an ad campaign launched, new micro sites were created as well, until the brand became so fragmented, a redesign was needed. Integrating social media into the new Guitar Hero portal catapulted the brand’s traffic and increased online sales by over 300 percent.

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How to Brand a Product: Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory 3

When one asks the question, “What is product branding,” many would look to the best marketing and branding company in the world – Coca-Cola. The company built began with one soda. Today it is one of the world’s most valuable brands and they’ve done it by integrating different components into the marketing mix, including animation. When the company’s Happiness Factory moved into phase 3, designers spent hours with the characters, getting to know them and how they worked within the Factory where Coca-Cola is created.

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