20 Graphic Designers to Watch On YouTube

No matter where in the world you reside, entries in the HOW International Design Awards are judged by project type rather than industry or region. That means posters are up against posters, packaging against packaging, identity design against—you get the point.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the largest online video delivery platform in the world. Many creatives use YouTube as a resource to find tutorials, lectures and demonstrations by industry professionals. Graphic designers are no exception when it comes to seeking help or training from within the YouTube community.

YouTube also serves as a platform for industry professionals to share their advice and skills and pass on their knowledge to anyone looking for help. These 20 creative professionals have done exactly that through their YouTube channels, and all offer something unique and valuable to graphic designers of every level.

Here is a comprehensive list of 20 graphic designers you should be watching on YouTube—in no particular order:

1. Stephen Looney

Stephen is the creator of the Graphic Designer Tips YouTube channel, which is one of the best online resources for learning Adobe Muse, and Adobe Illustrator, as well as the overall Logo Design and Print Layout Design process. What makes Stephen’s channel unique are his series. Stephen has multiple 20 video deep playlist walking you through projects from start to finish.

2. Shawn Barry

Shawn Barry has created some of the most in depth and well-produced content for learning the principles of Graphic Design. Shawn is a Designer from Canada and has been an agency Creative Director and brings that experience to the table through his content. Shawn’s design lectures are a must for anyone trying to build a strong foundation of design knowledge and develop a true eye for design and visual communication.

3. Will Paterson

Logo designer Will Paterson is a very popular and easygoing UK Design YouTube creator who primarily focuses on logo design, Brand Identity and Adobe Illustrator. Will’s videos inject a lot of humor in addition to great information that is easy to consume and understand regardless of your experience level. His personality has made him a favorite channel for many designers.

4. Charli Marie

Charli is a unique freelance designer from the UK who has done a variety of work in her career. This versatility is clear in the videos on her channel, which cover everything from branding, to designing t-shirts and apparel to working with clients. Her clear communication style and enthusiasm make her videos easy to watch and follow along with.

5. Karen Kavett

Karen Kavett is a designer and YouTube personality with a passion for design and crafting. She previously worked as a designer for YouTube and is now a full time freelance creator and produces videos discussing art school, crafting and graphic design topics. Her videos are some of the most popular graphic design videos in the YouTube space, if not on the internet as a whole.

6. Roberto Blake

Now of course I had to bring up my own YouTube channel as I have over 150 videos in my graphic design playlist as well as nearly 100 Adobe tutorials ranging from Photoshop to Illustrator, InDesign and even Dreamweaver. My channel covers design career advice, as well as how to market yourself as designer and run a freelance design practice. I’ve also created many tutorials, and I offer recommendations on what tools and hardware will help you in your design career.

7. Mike Locke

When it comes to learning web design, Mike Locke’s videos are a must-see. Mike is a long time practitioner in the web design space and keeps up-to-date on industry standards and trends. Mike also talks about how to get into the industry and build your career as a web designer, while also providing practical tutorials.

8. Travis Neilson

Another great web designer creating videos with a ton of value is Travis Nielson of Dev Tips for Designers. Travis cover both the design side and the coding side, which is something truly unique in the creative space. Not every designer can balance both, but if that is something you’re interested in, you are good hands with Travis. His videos come out each week, and they’re quick and to the point.

9. Matt Borchert

Matt Borchet and his channel help you learn new tricks and tips for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and various other design tools to allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Not only does he offer tutorials—he also highlights the best free resources for designers on the web and where they can download them.

10. Mt. Mograph, A.K.A. Matt Jylkka

If you’re interested in learning Motion Graphics and Animation and how to combine Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, this channel is a must for you. Matt focuses primarily on longer format videos, but for this topic, the in-depth content is helpful. You will learn how each of these projects is developed from start to finish and be able to follow along as you work. Matt does an excellent job explaining what for most people would be a very overwhelming process.

11. Phlearn, A.K.A. Aaron Nace

Aaron Nace has been teaching photography and photo manipulation to millions of users across the world at every skill level. The videos on Plearn have amazing production values and reveal the process in depth. These video mostly focus on Photoshop and are long format tutorials, while still being easy to consume.

12 &13 Jose Cabeller and Chris Do

Jose Cabeller and Chris Do are the co-founders of The Skool and co-host the corresponding YouTube channel, primarily talking about the business of graphic design and giving career advice. Their channel is an amazing resource for freelancers, design agencies and designers who have just graduated or are looking to enter the industry. The Skool teaches business to creatives. Whether it’s process, sales, confidence or leadership Jose and Chris do it with entertaining and actionable videos and workshops.

14. Howard Pinsky

Howard Pinsky of IceflowStudios has one of the largest inventories of quality YouTube tutorials for Photoshop in the entire internet space. Howard has tutorials for beginners as well as those who are more savvy and his tutorials are very easy to follow and concise.

15. Terry White

Terry White is a Senior Adobe Product Evangelist, bestselling author and a longtime practitioner across many Adobe applications. Terry’s tutorials cover Adobe Muse, Photoshop, Adobe Mobile Apps and Adobe Lightroom. Terry also has very practical Getting Started tutorial guides for beginners to pick up each of the core Adobe Applications for the first time.

16. Becky Kinkead

Becky is a freelance graphic designer from Philadelphia. Her videos cover a broad range of design topics and are fun and informative. Many of her best videos cover typography and logo design, but she is not limited in that regard. Becky’s videos tend to average around 5 minutes and are great if you have a short attention span or are pressed for time.

17. Nathaniel Dodson

Nathaniel Dodson, better known as TutVid, has a widely popular YouTube channel that offers some of the best tutorials for designers and creative professionals on the internet. He’s teaching style is straightforward and he keeps things simple, while providing detailed explanations. He can also demonstrate things quickly and concisely and even has 30 second demonstrations that don’t miss the mark at all. His videos cover a range of tutorials from Photoshop retouching, to web design, to even basic video editing.

18. Teela Cunningham

Teela’s YouTube Channel is called EveryTuesday which is when here videos are released. Every-Tuesday is a weekly how to channel for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Tutorials range for all skill levels, providing quick tips and tricks to give you confidence for whatever you make. Her videos tend to be very detailed yet simple and average around 10-15 minutes.

19. John Mcwade

John Mcwade is an established designer with a wealth of tremendous knowledge to offer. Unlike most of the YouTube creators on this list, he is not making active content. However, I recommend consuming his small library of videos, as they are brief but powerful.


20. Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is practically a household name when it comes to the design space. While he is best known for his blog content, Chris’s tutorials are impressive in and of themselves. Chris covers a wide breath of tutorials on his YouTube channel, reflecting what an experienced and well grounded designer he is.


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