Learn by Doing: Creativity Exercises for Inspiration

Last year’s HOW Design Live featured dynamic discussions on essential design resources and career advice. It will be hard to beat, but this year’s conference promises to be better than ever.

Jim Krause, a relentlessly creative designer and industry expert, gave a stimulating talk last year called “Learn by Doing.” His talk focused on how to find inspiration through creativity exercises. He presented six exercises from his book, D30: Exercises for Designers (which shares a name and theme with Krause’s online course at HOW Design University), and why those creativity exercises nourish design thinking.

This year, we loved his talk “Sustainable Insanity.” This session provided a wide assortment of sustainable practices that are both mentally grounding and creatively elevating (on-the-job and outside-of-work practices that have kept Jim Krause cheerfully engaged in the certifiably bat-guano crazy business of professional design for over three decades).

Watch Krause’s 2014 HOW Design Live presentation, “Learn by Doing.”

Learn by Doing: Creativity Exercises

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